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Hawaii 5-0 Fic and Recs

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Name:Hawaii 5-0 Fic
Location:Hawaii, United States of America
Posting Access:All Members
Community description:Hawaii Five-0 Fiction
This is an open community to post fic set in the Hawaii 5-0 series airing on CBS as of September 2010. All types of fic are welcome! Recs are welcome too!

Please be sure to post fic in the following format:

Author website (if not on DW)
Rating: [see note 1 below re: ratings]
Warnings: [see note 2]
Pairings: indicate none or N/A if you don't have anyone paired up
Story Text: use a cut tag or a URL

Note 1: Ratings: Please rate the fic you post. Acceptable ratings are:
- General audiences (Gen)
- Teen
- Mature
- Explicit, only suitable for adults
If you're more familiar with the movie ratings system, that's OK too.

Note 2: Warnings: something along the lines of "may be triggering for graphic violence, death, non-consensual sex, or ____" with a hidden text explaining details of said triggery events would be great.

If you have any questions, your mod is [personal profile] raine. :-)
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